For more than 30 years, Koni Hospitality has designed and manufactured innovative bedding, drapery, linens, and bath products for the global hospitality industry. Hotels and resorts worldwide recognize Koni’s reputation for developing high quality products. Koni continually breaks new ground by creating never-before-seen products that make life easier for management companies, purchasing agents, and hotel operations.



Hotels and resorts worldwide have embraced Koni’s bedding and drapery concepts for more than 30 years. Koni Hospitality serves that need by continually introducing new ideas and low-maintenance products that offer beauty, luxury, and comfort.


Product development at Koni Hospitality always focuses on the needs of the people who design, decorate, and operate hotels. Our fabric and design options provide an infinite number of configurations.


Koni Hospitality is a soft goods supplier that offers a “Total Soft Goods Solution” which includes bedding, drapery, linen, bath, spa and eco products. We have provided branded soft goods programs for luxury hotels, brands and independent hotels and resorts worldwide.

Decorative Bedding

Today’s hotel guests want distinctive styling that goes beyond the “comforts of home.” They are looking for aspirational design – something that’s even better than what they have at home. The key is to fulfill that desire while also giving hotel executives and housekeeping managers a product that is operationally efficient.

Koni Hospitality satisfies all those needs with beautiful bedding that works on both the aesthetic and operational levels. Our bed ensembles provide guests with Layers of Luxury that are both unforgettable and durable.

Layers of Luxury are vital components of the bed ensemble in guest rooms. With “Layers,” we offer an inviting and luxurious sleep experience for guests to enjoy and remember. Designers and purchasing agents can customize Layers ranging from pillow shams all the way down through the sheets and tailored bed skirts.

Window Treatments

Hotels have unique needs for both guest rooms and common areas. Window treatments have to look good while simultaneously withstanding years of receptive use as guests and employees make adjustments several times every day.

Koni Hospitality designs beautiful, iconic products that withstand rigorous use and function flawlessly for years. The spectrum of window treatments ranges from traditional drapery to decorative Roman shades to custom graphic shades and our innovative Shade 2 Shade or Drape 2 Drape single-rod drapery solution.

From precise, professional measurement to installation, we have your windows covered at competitive prices. Our proprietary Light-Seal technology eliminates light leaks for a restful sleep void of any glaring disruptions.

Koni's Mattress Collection

Mattresses represent a significant investment in the guest experience at any hotel. Whether you operate a luxury resort or an economy lodge, you want to stay within budget while providing the best possible sleep surface for your guests.

With our Del Mar and La Jolla lines, Koni Hospitality offers an extensive mattress selection across a broad price spectrum. Regardless of price point – comfort and quality are always paramount. Guests will rest easy with minimal tossing and turning when they drift off to sleep on our quilt-foam mattresses that incorporate a variety of foam, inner and pocket coil options.


Bedding has been identified as the most important element for the guest experience. Koni’s broad selection of quality linens ensures that you will find the perfect linen product for your property. From thread counts and decorative detailing to fiber content and weave options, Koni offers a host of linen products. All Koni linens are easy care and durable, able to withstand the rigors of hospitality use. Koni linens will increase guest satisfaction, enhance brand loyalty and improve your bottom line providing the industries best value.


At the end of the day – or night – the true measure of guest satisfaction comes down to that one word: comfort. At Koni Hospitality, it is our pleasure to help you surround your guests with self-indulgent comfort products for the bed that embody the tranquility and serenity they deserve. Our offerings include:

Layers of Luxury: Three decades of research, experience, and feedback have culminated in Koni’s Collection of bed linens, inserts, blankets, and mattress protectors. The “Layers of Luxury” are vital components of a proper guest room bed ensemble.

Cloud 9 Pillow: Our most popular pillow, the Cloud 9 is an ultra-soft pillow that feels like it’s filled with down. However, the fill is actually polyester with a denier that gives it an airy weight, downy feel, and soft, silky texture.

Cuddle Blanket: If you think it can’t get any softer than Koni’s Plush Cuddle Blanket, then you haven’t felt the Ultra-Plush Cuddle Blanket. What’s shocking is that despite the luxuriously soft feel of this micro-denier fabric, it is also incredibly durable.


To the contemporary hotel guest, the bathroom is more than just a place to cleanup and prepare for the day’s activities. They expect an experience that is an extension of the welcoming, inviting spaces elsewhere in the room and throughout the property.

A challenge for hotel operators is to create a quality bath experience while staying on budget. Koni Hospitality helps you achieve those objectives with towels and other bath products for every comfort level or price point.

The Koni Collection of luxurious bath accessories includes plush robes, slippers, towels, bathmats and custom shower curtains. These products incorporate fabric and style selections which make it possible for you to pamper your guests at a cost that suits your needs. We also offer eco-friendly options for those looking for innovative ways to meet green objectives.


Koni has a long history of providing fabrics that are hospitality tested. The operational efficiency of our fabrics matters every bit as much as the look and feel. With more than
30 years in the industry we know what works and have the ability to create a custom pattern or fabric that will make your design vision come to life.

It is comforting to know that all Koni fabrics meet or exceed the standard requirements of the hospitality industry.

We offer:

  • An in-house art department to create custom patterns that fit any concept or theme.
  • A unique line of woven fabrics for bedcovers, window treatments, and upholstery.
  • Wide-width fabrics enable us to manufacture higher quality “seamless” products at competitive prices.